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    1. Material Preparation

      Materials used for making autoclaved sand-lime bricks include sand and lime, as well as a certain ratio of pigment and additive.

    1. Dosing and Mixing

      At Sanhe, we can supply all the necessary equipment and components to ensure the best possible layout of the dosing and mixing plant.

    1. Lime Hydration and Mixing

      Hydrated lime need to be processed further in an intensive mixer to improve compound compactness and enhance performance.

    1. Pressing and Autoclaving

      The freshly pressed bricks are hardened by means of high pressure and temperature steam inside the autoclaves.

    1. Material Preparation

      Material preparation is the first process in AAC production. It prepares materials for the AAC plant in needed forms using jaw crusher and ball mill.

    1. Dosing, Mixing and Pouring

      Here you will find a range of related equipment such as dosing scale, pouring mixer, movable pit bridge and so on.

    1. Mould Casting

      Mould casting is an essential process in the entire AAC production line. It is used for molding a fresh block from slurry.

    1. AAC Cutting

      In the whole AAC production process, cutting process is an essential process. Cutting machine represents the heart of an AAC plant.

    1. Curing / Autoclaving

      The AAC block achieves its final strength from curing under steam pressure in the autoclaves.

    1. Packaging and Conveying

      This is a packaging system designed to package the finished AAC blocks before they leave the plant.

    1. Dry Mix Mortar Production Plant, SHJ Series

      This dry mortar mixing plant is characterized by low equipment height, ease of installation and maintenance and other advantages. Due to relatively large investment, it is suitable for large and medium sized dry mix mortar producers.

    1. Dry Mix Mortar Production Plant, SHZ Series

      This dry mix plant features low equipment height, easy installation and maintenance and small floor space. Due to relatively low cost of investment, the construction machinery is suitable for medium sized dry mix mortar producers.

    1. Dry Mix Mortar Production Plant, SHT Series

      Here’s our SHT series dry mix mortar production plant which is featured by compact structure, small floor space, low energy consumption and high efficiency. The dry mortar batching plant applies upper-placed storage silo.

    1. The main batching and mixing system comes in portal frame that ensures great stability. Interior space is reasonably arranged and discharge driveway is wide.
      Air circuit of the concrete batching plant comes with a two-step filtration system which will extends the life time of pneumatic components.

    1. The stone production line is used for crushing hard limestone, granite, basalt, pebble, slag and other materials for aggregate production. It is ideal for hydropower, building material, highway construction, city construction and other industries. Combined by various types of equipment, the stone crushing line can meet customers' different technological requirements.