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Dry Mix Mortar Production Plant, SHT Series

Here's our SHT series dry mix mortar production plant which is featured by compact structure, small floor space, low energy consumption and high efficiency. The dry mortar batching plant applies upper-placed storage silo. Materials are elevated and from top down go through weighing, mixing and packaging.

Powder silo and steel structure consume a large amount of steel. This leads to the maximum cost of overall investment. So, this construction equipment is suitable for large sized dry mix mortar enterprises.

Technical Parameters of the Dry Mix Mortar Production Plant

Model Mixer model Capacity (t/h) Annual output (x10000t) Applications
SHT1000 WZ-1/LDH-1B 5-10 5 Suitable for making special-purpose dry mix mortar
SHT2000 WZ-2/LDH-2B 10-20 10
SHT3000 WZ-3/LDH-3B 20-40 20 Suitable for making common dry mix mortar
SHT4000 WZ-4/LDH-4B 30-50 25
SHT5000 WZ-5/LDH-5B 40-60 30
SHT6000 WZ-6/LDH-6B 50-80 40
SHT8000 WZ-8/LDH-8B 60-100 60
2SHT4000 2-WZ-4/LDH-4B 60-100 50
2SHT5000 2-WZ-5/LDH-5B 80-120 60
2SHT6000/2000 LDH-6B +LDH-2B 50-80 /10-20 40 common /10 special Suitable for making common and special-purpose dry mix mortar
2SHT8000/2000 LDH-6B +LDH-2B 60-100/10-20 60 common /10 special