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Dry Mix Mortar Production Plant, SHZ Series

Storage silo of the SHZ series dry mix mortar production plant is placed on the ground. Materials are conveyed by screw conveyor to the plant for weighing. After that, they will be transported to the mixer mixing and packaging.

This dry mix plant features low equipment height, easy installation and maintenance and small floor space. Due to relatively low cost of investment, the construction machinery is suitable for medium sized dry mix mortar producers.

Technical Parameters

Model Mixer model Capacity (t/h) Annual output (x10000t) Application
SHZ1000 WZ-1/LDH-1B 5-10 5 Ideal for production of common and special purpose dry mix mortar
SHZ2000 WZ-2/LDH-2B 10-20 10
SHZ3000 WZ-3/LDH-3B 20-40 20
SHZ4000 WZ-4/LDH-4B 30-50 25
SHZ5000 WZ-5/LDH-5B 40-60 30
SHZ6000 WZ-6/LDH-6B 50-80 40
SHZ8000 WZ-8/LDH-8B 60-100 60