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Aerated Concrete Block Production Line

Autoclaved aerated concrete block, abbreviated as AAC block, is a new type building wall material made from a variety of raw materials such as cement, lime, coal ash, slag, sand, foaming agent, etc. through dosing, mixing, casting, cutting, autoclaving, curing and other processes. It is featured by light weight, high strength, heat insulation, sound insulation, fire resistance, environmental protection, and more.

At Sanhe, we take pride in designing and making a complete plant for production of this material. Our autoclaved aerated concrete block production line is designed to customers' specific requirements. It ensures highly efficient and optimized processes resulting in consistent final product quality. In developing AAC block plant, we adhere to three principles: quality, profitability and safety.

Processes of AAC Block Production
1. Preparation
a. AAC raw materials dosing and mixing
b. Pouring
c. Mould casting

2. Production
a. Cutting
b. Curing/Autoclaving

3. Cubing
a. Separating
b. Packaging