Curing / Autoclaving

    1. Rail Cart (for Autoclave Loading)

      The wheel track of the cart is optimized to 600mm which enables it to move with load more stably and therefore guarantees the quality of green cake.

    1. Semi-finished Block Crane

      Equipped in the AAC block autoclaving system, the crane is mainly used to transport the semi-finished blocks with side plates from the cutting line onto the autoclaving cars.

    1. Steam Boiler

      A row of gas uptakes is arranged at the bottom of boiler drum which ensures perfect cooling of the high temperature zone and prevent the lower part of boiler tube from bulging.

    1. Autoclaves

      The door is provided with complete safety interlock devices, thus maximally preventing mal-operation and ensuring safe operation and worker's safety.

The AAC block achieves its final strength from curing under steam pressure in the autoclaves. After cutting, the semi-finished blocks leave the cutting system and are loaded on rail carts for autoclave loading using a crane. The high pressure steam in the autoclaves is generated by a steam boiler. In our autoclave control system, steam is transferred between autoclaves to minimize energy consumption and costs.