Tilting Manipulator with Crane

The tilting manipulator attached to an overhead crane tilts the concrete cake in mould by 90° in the air. It transports the mould to different cutting stations where it unlocks the mould and removes the mould body for cutting. In addition, the titling system can assemble the removed mould body and side plate and transport the assembled mould to the pouring and casting line for circulating operation. The mold handling equipment serves as the essential auxiliary equipment of AAC block cutting machine.

1. The tilting manipulator comes with a hydraulic lift system attached to a double-girder overhead crane with four hooks. It is mainly used for handling the mould and demoulding it at the cutting place.
2. With hydraulic drive, hooks realize automatic opening and closing, ensuring stable tilting.
3. Unique lifting points enable attachment to turn horizontally and vertically. Adjusting the height of rear two lifting points keeps the attachment at horizontal state.
4. The tilting crane uses hydraulic cylinders to lift the attachment. By means of the synchronous movement of gear and rack, plus the guide wheel, it enables the four lifting points to go up and down synchronously.
5. Compared with the traveling crane, the titling manipulator of an AAC plant comes with drastic reduction and saving in installation height, span, power consumption and material cost.

Technical Parameters of the Tilting Manipulator

Specification Lifting capacity (t) Max. stroke(mm ) Dimensions ( mm )
4.2 x 1.2 10 1350 6210 x 1900 x 3540-5000
4.8 x 1.2 12 1350 6810 x 1900 x 3540-5000
6.0 x 1.2 20 1350 8100 x 1900 x 3540-5000