Dosing, Mixing and Pouring

    1. Dosing Scale

      Our dosing scale employs liquid level meter, ultrasonic detector, pressure measuring instrument and other devices to test the height difference of materials in the batching tank, calculate the storage volume and conduct effective weighing and control.

    1. Pouring Mixer

      The pouring mixer features screw propeller type mixing which produces strong eddy in the tank to break the particle coating of quicklime and thereby make material completely mixed.

    1. Movable Pit Bridge (for Pouring)

      The pit bridge system can precisely stop at the right position while moving quickly. Under variable frequency control, it can travel both slowly and quickly.

    1. Batch Control System (for AAC Block Plant)

      The entire production process of our AAC block plant is controlled by a modern automatic batch control system which comes with a user-friendly operator interface for easy and understandable operation.

Crushed and fine ground materials will be transported into next section of the aerated concrete block plant for dosing, mixing and pouring. Here you will find a range of related equipment such as dosing scale, pouring mixer, movable pit bridge and so on. Prepared materials will be mixed in a certain ratio, and then poured into the moulds. Due to a state of art batch control system, the batching accuracy is highly desirable.