Automatic Batch Control System for AAC Block Plant

The entire production process of our AAC block plant is controlled by a modern automatic batch control system which comes with a user-friendly operator interface for easy and understandable operation.

1. Control Mode

The AAC plant control system consists of an industrial personal computer (IPC) and various I/O interface boards, realizing automation control and quality management to the production process of autoclaved aerated concrete.

IPC is used for production management, lower computer is used for process control of dosing and discharging and PLC is used for control of mixing. Among them, data exchange and state transmission are conducted by communication.

2. System Composition Features
I/O interface control templates are featured by standardization and modularization. They come in flexible configuration, thus ensuring ease of upgrade and expansion.

3. System Reliability
The automatic control system for autoclaved aerated concrete production employs a high performance imported industrial PC which reaches an average non-failure operation time of more than 50,000 hours. It enables direct control with high reliability.

4. Control and Management Software
Carrying Windows operating system, it adopts object-oriented programming method, thus realizing multi-task, multi-window control and management and providing convenience for network link.

5. Auxiliary Function
Multiple production control parameters are placed at the window where they can be modified. The batch control system also comes with auto zero setting, microcomputer-aided quick calibration and fault self diagnosis functions.

6. Dynamic Control Precision
The automatic control system features high dynamic control precision. Data collection is fast with high resolution. It ensures auto dynamic correction of improperly weighing in advance and auto balancing of insufficient or excessive weighing.

7. System Operation and Maintenance
It is designed with a user-friendly and visual operator interface for easy operation and maintenance.