Pressing and Autoclaving

    1. Hydraulic Sand Lime Brick Press

      The SH series hydraulic sand lime brick press is the heart of our sand lime brick plant. It is independently developed by Sanhe depending on the market demands. Fully automatic brick placing robot is attached to the press.

    1. Cart-On-Track Conveyor

      In the autoclaved sand-lime brick production line, the cart-on-track conveyor is specially used to move the brick load carts to go into and out of autoclaves. It can drastically reduce labor intensity and improve automation of the brick plant.

    1. Autoclave Movable Pit Bridge

      It is used to transfer freshly pressed bricks on load carts to the autoclaves. Equipped with longitudinal drive unit, the brick handling equipment can hold 20 autoclave carts loaded with 3tons of fresh bricks.

    1. Load Cart (for Autoclave)

      Unlike a traditional product, the autoclave cart developed in-house is non-lubricated for considerably reduction of maintenance costs. It can be guaranteed with an ultra-long lifespan.

    1. Brick Grab

      It is commonly used in combination with a forklift to directly carry, load and transport bricks discharged from the autoclaves, and it is able to load the brick up to a height of 3m.

Hydraulic press is used to form the fresh sand lime bricks. Aside from pressing, autoclaving is the second most important process in the production of sand lime bricks. The freshly pressed bricks are hardened by means of high pressure and temperature steam inside the autoclaves. To complete this curing process, various types of equipment is included such as cart-on-track conveyor, pit bridge system, autoclave cart, brick grab, etc.