Lime Hydration and Mixing

    1. Lime Silo

      Lining of the arrowhead silo is made from high temperature and corrosion resistant polymeric materials with small friction coefficient which makes for effective reduction of friction between material and silo wall, thus improving material fluidity and decreasing the rate of bridging.

    1. Hydrated Lime Mixing Machine

      The hydrated lime system can effectively enhance the plasticity of lime sand compounds by over 15% and thereby improve brick quality. It is especially suitable for replacing the edge runner mill to processing viscous materials such as carbide slag.

A belt conveyor transports the sand lime compound into the lime silo for lime hydration. After a certain period of time, the reaction of lime, sand and water is completed. Calcium oxide and water have combined to calcium hydroxide. Hydrated lime need to be processed further in an intensive mixer to improve compound compactness and enhance performance.