Dosing and Mixing

    1. Automatic Dosing System

      Its weighing system is designed with weight controller and sensor to carry out rationing, batching and control. Plus the capability of automatically modifying error, it can realize precise dosing of materials, thus ensuring the quality of autoclaved bricks.

    1. Twin Shaft Mixer

      The horizontal batch mixer is provided with a special lubrication pump which uses four stand-alone pump cores to lubricate four shaft ends respectively, without having to use diverter valve.

    1. Belt Conveyor

      The belt conveying system applies high precision and hardened gears which provide high bearing capacity, 2-3 times higher than that of the soft surface gears.

The quality of finished sand lime bricks mostly relies on the mixing and dosing of sand and lime raw materials. At Sanhe, we can supply all the necessary equipment and components to ensure the best possible layout of the dosing and mixing plant. With a precise automatic dosing system, all materials are dosed exactly before being fed into the twin shaft mixer.