Bucket Elevator

During materials preparation for sand-lime bricks production, flowable bulk materials ground from limestone, gypsum and other materials need to be transported to the storage silo for mixing process. Generally, bucket elevator, also called grain leg is used in this application. The bulk material handling equipment transports the materials vertically with high reliability, efficiency and low maintenance.

Features of the Bucket Elevator
1. Elevator housing is engineered from thickened steel plate, providing high rigidity.
2. The temperature for materials handling can reach up to 250℃.
3. The bulk handling solution reaches the maximum elevating height of 80m, combined with high running stability, low noise and ease of maintenance.
4. Endless chain of the bucket elevator is forged in low alloy steel with carburizing and quenching treatment, thus offering extremely high tensile strength and wear resistance.

Technical Parameters of the Bucket Elevator
Model TH160 TH200 TH250
Bucket type ZH SH ZH SH ZH SH
Capacity (100%) m3/h 15.77 24.97 17.87 28.6 31.43 48.19
Bucket Capacity (L) 1.2 1.9 1.5 2.4 3 4.6
Distance between two buckets (mm) 500
Chain Steel rod diameter x pitch (mm) 14 x 50
Breaking load of single chain (KN) ≥190
Drive sprocket speed (rpm) 69.71 63.22 44.11
Maximum size of material (mm) 20 25 30
Note: ZH for bucket with medium depth; SH for bucket with high depth